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Greenland: Kulusuk Classic - Day tour

Experience the rugged shaped mountains and long fjords where you can see glaciers and floating icebergs in Kulusuk, Greenland


Greenland: Kulusuk and /or Ammasalik

The Kulusuk area is a nature lover's paradise. It is situated east of the entrance to the spectacular ice filled Ammassalik fjord, where the main settlement of the primitive Ammassalik Inuits was discovered in 1884.


Greenland: Ilulissat Summer Package

Located roughly between Iceland and the Canadian Arctic Archipelago roughly where the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans meet, Greenland is the world‘s largest island. Forbidding, rugged and hauntingly beautiful, it is one of the planet‘s last great wilderness areas.


Greenland: Illussat Winter Package

This escorted tour combines travel to Iceland and Greenland. Experience these two exotic arctic islands in the north, although very close in distance, their unique landscapes and cultures differ greatly. The easy access to Greenland directly from Iceland makes this combination perfect.