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Iceland Self Drive Express - 6 days / 5 nights

A self drive holiday in Iceland gives you freedom and flexibility to experience this beautiful country on your terms and to make the most of your limited time here. On a self drive holiday you can visit the most popular attractions but also get off the beaten path to do some hiking, take photos or just to stop  for a moment to enjoy an amazing scenery,- it's all up to you.

We'll take care of planning your self drive holiday in Iceland, arrange and book your accommodation and type of car you want to drive and provide you with a detailed travel plan and road maps and. The only thing you have to book yourself is your accomodation in Reykjavík city before and after your round trip. Please note that the transfer to and from Keflavik airport is not included in the price of the tour. We recommend our Airport Express transfer service, which can be added to the package.
Type of car recommended: Car group: B, Toyota Auris or similar


  •  Farm house accommodation for 5 nights including breakfast - w/shared OR private facilities
  •  Rental car for 6 days, including unlimited mileage, CDW and VAT
  •  Good road map
  •  Detailed itinerary


  •  International flights
  •  Gasoline
  •  Meals other than breakfast

Itinerary details

1 Oct 2015 - 30 Apr 2016

Day 1 - South Iceland – inland and the South coast
Start your Iceland self drive holiday by visiting Þingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where early settlers of Iceland founded the first Icelandic parliament, the old Alþingi in 930 C.E. Þingvellir sits at the rift that marks the division between the European and North American tectonic plates which means that you can litteraly cross from one continent to another at Almannagjá chasm. Many dramatic events in Iceland's history took place at Þingvellir and taking a walk through the network of pathways will give you a pretty good picture of Iceland in olden times.
Your next stop is Geysir goethermal area where hot springs and mud pots bubble and Strokkur hot spring erupts every 5 minutes ejecting a huge column of scalding water. When you have explored the Geysir area you drive for about 10 minutes or so down to the beautiful two-tiered Gullfoss Waterfall. Head to the South Coast travelling through the green farmland area known for one of Iceland's most popular Sagas, Njals Saga. View Seljalandsfoss Waterfall which you can also walk behind if you wish! Continue to the magnificent waterfall and interesting folk museum at Skógar and the Eyjafjallajökull Visitor Centre (advance bookings in winter), admiring the vast black sands and tall cliffs along the way. 
Accommodation is in the vicinity of Vík village.
Þingvellir National Park – the site of the ancient parliament and lovely area for taking a walk.
Geysir hot spring area with its fabulous Strokkur spouting every 10 minutes or so.
Gullfoss waterfall is not to be missed. Seljalandsfoss waterfall, which you can walk behind.
The outdoor swimming pool at Seljavellir in lovely surroundings.
The magnificent waterfall and the folk museum at Skógar.
Dyrhólaey – a 120 m high cape with perpendicular cliffs teaming with bird life.
Distance travelled 300 km.
Overnight in Vík area.
Day 2 - The Southeast and the East coast 
Places of interest:
Skaftafell National Park – a beautiful and unique place of natural wonder
Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon – cruises on the lagoon amongst towering icebergs on offer. 
Vatnajökull glacier – various types of glacier tours are on offer if booked in advance.
Distance travelled 273 km.
Overnight in Höfn area.
Day 3 - The East coast and fjords
Places of interest: 
Great view of tall and often uniquely formed mountains on route to the East fjords. 
The fjords with their dramatic mountains and quaint fishing villages.
Distance travelled 247 km.
Overnight in Egilsstaðir area.
Day 4 - Lake Mývatn area
Places of interest: Lake Mývatn itself – one of the pearls of Icelandic nature. Höfði, a wooded headland in the lake. Dimmuborgir with its strange rock formations. The hot spring area in Námaskarð Pass. The pseudo craters at Krafla. The beautiful and historical Goðafoss (Waterfall of the Gods).
Distance travelled 240 km.
Overnight in Mývatn area.  
Day 5 - Akureyri and North Iceland
Places of interest: 
Akureyri town. 
Skagafjörður district is renowned for horse breeding. 
The farmhouse museum in Glaumbær. 
The old turf church at Víðimýri. 
Vatnsdalshólar - the site of the last execution in Iceland. 
Kolugljúfur canyon.
Distance travelled 210 km.
Overnight in Hrútafjörður / Skagafjörður area.
Day 6 - North Iceland into South west
Places of interest: 
The lovely Borgarfjörður district.
Climbing the old crater 
Grábrók is great fun and the view over moss and birch grown lava fields is excellent 
Borgarnes – the site of one of the most popular Icelandic sagas 
Egla - Guided saga tours on offer
Distance travelled 197 km.
Overnight in Reykjavík at hotel or guest house of your choice (optional).  


Budget Package with accommodation with shared facilities

 - Farmhouse accommodation (CAT I) in a double/twin room for 5 nights with breakfast
 - Rental car of grp. B (Toyota Auris or similar) for 6 days with unlimited mileage, CDW, GPS, theft protection, no extra charge for one extra driver and VAT
 - Good road map
 - Iceland Road Atlas
 - Detailed itinerary

Price per person in a double/twin room.

October 2015 to April 2016                  70.803,- ISK   

Economy Package with accommodation with private facilities

 - Farmhouse accommodation (CAT III) in a double/twin room for 5 nights with breakfast
 - Rental car of grp. E (Skoda Octavia Wagon 4WD or similar) for 6 days with unlimited mileage, CDW, GPS, theft protection, no extra charge for one extra driver and VAT
 - Good road map
 - Iceland Road Atlas
 - Detailed itinerary


Price per person in a double/twin room.

October 2015 to April 2016                  98.303,- ISK

Farmhouse categories 
Cat I - These rooms are simple, comfortable and adequate. The beds are made and rooms cleaned daily. Clean towels are supplied. Guests have access to communal sitting room. Breakfast included.
Cat II - In addition to category I, all rooms have hand basins and are generally of a higher standard and better equipped. Breakfast included.
Cat III - In addition to categories I and II, rooms have private bathroom. These rooms can be in farmhouses, guesthouses and cottages. Breakfast included.
Cat IV - Rooms with private facilities in country hotels. Better equipped with TV, radio and sometimes coffee making facilities. Breakfast included.
Seasonal discounts
February, March, April, October & November: 20%
May & September:  10%

Rates are subject to availability.
Car types are example only and are subject to availability.
Not available in December & January.

For bookings and further information please fill out the contact form.



Bagrowski 5 stars

8/15/2016 12:52:06 PM

It was really great!!!

Sellars 5 stars

8/15/2016 12:52:31 PM

Everything happened just as it should have. The nice clean bus arrived early, the driver was friendly and very helpful with luggage. The drive to the airport was professional and felt very safe. then we arrived early. Perfect!

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