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Reykjavik Sightseeing Tour

Come with us on a sightseeing tour in Iceland's capital Reykjavík. The tour travels the greater Reykjavík area going from top attractions to surrounding municipalities, known landmarks and 360 viewing platforms where your guide will tell about interesting facts and stories of Icelandic history and culture.

During this tour you will be able to view the historic building Höfði at Reykjavik's seafront where the all-important summit between former U.S. President Ronald Reagan and former U.S.S.R. Secretary General Mikhail Gorbachev took place in 1986, you will come quite close to the Presidential residence at Bessastaðir with its history being a part of Iceland's history since the first inhabitants settled in there. You will get enlightened about the mysterious Huldufólk (Hidden People) living among us, being the Icelandic version of elves with their unpredictable mood. A 360 degrees viewing platform at Perlan offers you a extravagant sightseeing opportunity over Reykjavík and then be able to visit well-known sites in Reykjavík city center like Hallgrímskirkja, with its basalt lava inspired columns design, the Parliament building Alþingi by Austurvöllur square where Icelanders commonly gather whether it is to enjoy a sunny summer day or stand together in unity about political matters.


  •  Complimentary pick-up and drop-off for hotels and guest houses in Reykjavik
  •  Round-trip transportation
  •  Professional tour guide


  •  Meals and beverages

Please note

  •  Our guides on the Reykjavik sightseeing tour have different approaches when it comes to order of attractions visited and stops made

Itinerary details


  •  - Departure from Reykjavík the tour begins with a bus drive passing Reykjavík's seafront and the building Höfði which is best known for hosting the Reykjavík Summit in 1986
  •  - The drive continues througLaugardalur area (Hot-spring valley).
  •  - The first stop will be at the Presidential residence at Bessastaðir, close to Álftanes near by the capital city. 
  •  - Next the bus will drive to Hafnarfjörður where your guide will tell you our stories of the mysterious Hidden People. 
  •  - From there you will head towards Reykjavík center again to Perlan glass dome where a platform will give you a 360 degree view.
  •  - The tour is continued to top attractions in the city center including Hallgrímskirkja and University area. 


Tour details

Year round

2,5 hours

Daily at 09:00 from the bus terminal at Holtagarðar

Pick-up at hotel or guesthouses
45 minutes prior to tour departure
Please wait outside your hotel or guesthouse close the entrance where you'll be visible to our drivers.


Every day, all year round

Tuesday departures are also guided in French all year round. 

Wednesday departures are also guided in German all year round.

Saturday departures are also guided in Scandinavian all year round.


Bagrowski 5 stars

8/15/2016 12:52:06 PM

It was really great!!!

Sellars 5 stars

8/15/2016 12:52:31 PM

Everything happened just as it should have. The nice clean bus arrived early, the driver was friendly and very helpful with luggage. The drive to the airport was professional and felt very safe. then we arrived early. Perfect!

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